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Keep hope alive

Hope lives truly inside of you like a burning fire.

'I'm still beautiful' you repeat to yourself inside your head.

You realise that consciousness is now really only coming to you, if you can call it that.

You can't see, hear, smell, taste, feel anyting. At this point you are wondering 'do I even exist?'

You know that your in a full body cast because you can't move, or maybe you simply cant move your body and the numbness you feel is because all feeling has left you as your nerve receptors have all be burned out of your body.

You slowly begin to realize that in fact you may be paralyzed, blocked off from the outside world, a living brain inside a rotting corpse.

The words 'I'm still beautiful' begin to slowly fade away from you.

You simply tried too hard to be Nicolas cage, maybe this desire stemmed from 'A thousand words', 2012 was a crazy year.

you don't really know what to do know, all you are is your consciousness.

Revisit some of your greatest memories
Pray 'internally' that the surgeons will save you.

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