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"So you DID know!"

"Yeah me and him are great friends, we hang out all the time!" Mel exclaims.

"Really?" You say, surprised that Mel even has friends.

"Yeah, well maybe not 'great' great friends, but good friends y'know?" Mel says.

"I was with him when he first designed this piece of crap!" Mel recalls, "Dam nutcase wanted us to wear prison outfits with holes in like the building itself."

"Wait! What do you mean the building has holes in it?" you exclaim, heart racing.

"I mean the prick built this dump to look like a block of F***ing swiss cheese!, Holes everywhere!, when this place first opened prisoners just crawled through them and escaped, it was crazy!"

"Woah! so how come you haven't escaped? Lets go!" you shout eagerly, possibly a tad to loud.

"Hold on Steve McQueen! The holes got filled in ages ago! Wardens were there for hours doing it... There is only one hole left, and your not going to like where it is..."

Ok then I guess I don't want to know...

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