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Search for traps and secret doors

You get down on your hands and knees and search the carpet for trap doors. You find nothing, the floor is dead solid.

You become increasingly confused as you run your hands along the cell walls, trying to find secret exits. Eventually, you give up and sit back down on the bed.

Exhausted, you decide to lie down for a bit in the newfound peace, you shut your eyes.

"Pssst!" You hear as your eyes dart open, "over here!" you look around you seeing nothing. "Who's that?" you ask, rubbing your eyes, it was now the middle of the night and pitch black. You hear a slight scuffle and then silence again, "Mel? Maurice? who's there?"

All of a sudden, a strained voice can be heard the darkness, "Its Mel!" "Mel? where the hell are you?" you ask completely bewildered in you half asleep state. You try to get up, but trip over the bedpost and fall flat on your face, ow.

"Careful you dimwit I have a Lethal weapon in my hand!" Mel groans, he is clearly standing right in front of you.

"Mel, what the hell is going on?!!" you cry, rubbing your bruised head.

"Have you ever watched Chicken run?" He asks calmly. "No?" you say more confused than ever.

Mel explains the plot.

"Well, you coming?" Mel says, you imagine him stretching out a hand in the darkness.

Go with mel
Go back to sleep.

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