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Beat him to death with the bread

You continue hitting him in the head with the stale bread.

Before long, blood is spilling from a gash just above his forehead.

You continue hitting him.

You break his nose with a miscalculated swing. It leaks blood in a steady stream, trickling downwards with gravity.

You continue hitting him.

The gash grows wider. The pool of blood grows with it. The blood stains his face, his clothes, the floor. The floor is slippery from it. You almost lose your footing.

You continue hitting him.

You think you hear footsteps in the corridor. Or is it just your head messing with you? Distracted, you slip in the slick substance, falling hard on the concrete floor. You head connects with it. You now have a head wound to match Mel's. The blood runs into your eyes. Is it yours or his? You no longer know. You push yourself back to your feet, holding your injured head in one hand, the bread in the other. Back to it.

You continue hitting him.

The stale bread is spraying crumbs. The footsteps grow louder, clearer.

You continue hitting him.

This is taking longer than you expected.

Switch to the ancient mace.
Come to your senses.

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