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Be a vampire? But I'm not dead!

You are totally confused, how did all this happen? You can't be dead - can you? You stare intently at Cusack's vampire-like features and his image seems to shimmer, fade
and become indistinct. Slowly, the normal Cusack reappears in front of the cell door.

"Uhh, Cusack...what are you trying to pull??? Vampires...Ghouls..? you groan, rubbing your eyes.

Cusack looks at you, his features an odd mix of disappointment and irritation. "The force is strong with this one" he mutters.

He then breaks into a broad grin, regaining his composure. "Ha Ha, Vampires!" - you're seeing things, old lad, no doubt the stress of this place. Just as well we plan to get out, eh?"

With that, he heaves the cell door open, which squeaks harshly on rusty hinges.

You hesitate. Will you inform Cusack:

"I'll wait outside here for a moment to clear my head"
"I'm with you, Cusack, lead the way"

This story node Copyright 2019 by Richard A Bond.

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