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Perform the ritual as written.

You procure the necessary ingredients and start the ritual. Soon, the time comes to perform the recitation:

"We know all our songs because we learned 'em by rote / If you don't like someone, just hit him in the throat / Or her, if you can hit a woman without disses from your peers / If it's just a kid, though, maybe you ought to wait a few years."

Lightning flashes outside your cell, simultaneous with thunder. You feel a growing sense of dread as you flush the toilet. The red-tinted water swirls down, a metaphor for your sinking feeling.

You look at The Rza, and he stares back at you, transfixed with fear. You look over at Mel, who appears to be desperately trying to swallow his tongue. Suddenly, the cell door opens and three hooded figures walk in, in lockstep.

The first one removes his hood. It's Ol' Dirty Bastard! The second one. It's O.D.B.! The third. It's Dirt McGirt! The Rza's jaw drops. "I've never seen you three in the same room before," he says.

"What you guys need?" asks O.D.B.

The Rza opens his mouth to speak.

Interrupt. "Get me out of this prison!"
Wait to see what The Rza has to say.

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