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Sit on your bunk and sulk too.

First you're sitting and sulking. Then you're lying and sulking. Then you're lying and sleeping. Then you're sleeping and dreaming.

In your dream, you are back in Celebrity High School circa 1978. You're picking teams for volleyball in gym class. On your team so far are Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes, Jodie Foster and Eddie Izzard. The opposing team's captain is Rosie O'Donnell, and she's picked Lou Diamond Philips, Ally Sheedy, Wesley Snipes and Michelle Yeoh.

Joan Cusack is leaning against the wall, and Emilio Estevez is jumping up and down, waving his arms. Who to pick? Who, indeed.

Joan Cusack.
Emilio Estevez.

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