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The Great Escape Committee

Cusack smiles at you again. "You've passed the test. You ARE alive - come with me."

Cusack leads you along a long and winding corridor to a cell with "Easy Rider" chalked on it. Cusack looks both ways before rapping on the door 3 times "It's me - John" he says solemnly. You hear a muffled reply from within "What's the goodamn password, Mother F*cker?" Cusack looks at you and smiles again "There isn't no password, you drunk, doped up old ass-hole!" A bellowing, wheezy laugh is the response - "Heyyyy, almost got ya there John-Boy" comes the reply - "Come on in, you got any booze there?"

Cusack pushes the door open to the cell but you grab his arm "What's all this about?" you ask. Cusack looks back at you, this time unsmilingly. "Escape committee - your in I take it?" he asks.

Well - are you? Will you reply......

"Of course I'm in" and enter the cell?
"Of course I'm not in" and call for a guard?

This story node Copyright 2017 by Richard A Bond.

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