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Jam the door with a club.

You jam the door with one of the golf clubs (bright blue and heavy) that's fallen from the ceiling. The guards are a bit distracted by Mel flailing about and making moaning noises. You bolt for the door and escape into the prison.

To your left, there is a crazed looking Lindsey Lohan shaking her bars and snarling at you. "This way, you idiot!" she snaps, and rattles her cage again. "Get me out and I can help!"

To your right, Nick Carter frowns and shakes his head. "Yoooou should go thiiiis way," he sings, and behind him, all the other members of the Backstreet Boys chime out, "Tell them why~!"

Nick purses his lips. "I'm not sure. But... this way sure seems like the way out."

"Don't listen to them," snaps Lindsey, with an annoyed sigh. "All they do is sing."

Who do you listen to?

Nick, and go right.
Lindsey, and go left.

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