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Do some smokin' hot mime tricks

You start miming as hard as you can. First, you pretend you are leaning against the wall, but there isn't really a wall. Then, you pretend that you are trapped inside a large, invisible box, but you are only pretending that you are. Finally, you pretend that you are walking against a very strong wind that is pushing you back but there is actually no wind and you are lying.

A large crowd appears, desperate to enjoy your glorious art. "Damn!" screams former President Jimmy Carter. "That's some smokin' miming, and believe me, as a 2nd Class Troubadour in the Amarillo County Mime Coalition, I know miming!" You are overjoyed to learn that your favorite president approves of your miming.

The crowd, emboldened by Jimmy's forwardness, start throwing "cool 50's" (a hip prison nickname for $50 bills) at you.

Snatch up the cool 50's
Suck on former president Jimmy Carter's hand

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