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March onto Washington by yourself

You march outside on a mission to take over Washington.

But you soon realize that the gates are all locked and without your large party of aggressive Pre-teens you wont get very far in overthrowing the prison.

However it does take 5 guards beating you till you bleed until you realize that they don't consider you as much of a threat.

lying in a sodden pool of your own drying blood, for hours on end all you can hear is the cheery music of the television which the children are watching sesame street on. Maybe you should have joined them...

you cry for help, but no-one comes to your aid.

you feel yourself slipping away, you are desperate for help but don't want to exert yourself too much. should you?

Cry some more!
Except you fate and hope someone passes by?

This story node Copyright 2018 by Toby H.

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