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Invite him for waffles

"hey Man!" you say a little too enthusiastically that it kinda makes him jump. "Wanna be on my team?" Em looks you up and down and eventually says, "sure ,all right."

The game is going well and your playing good, when you ask "You wanna come to my place and have breakfast? I've got a Waffle maker!" "What? but its like 1 o'clock and I've just eaten lunch?!" Em says grunting as he smacks the ball with his fist.

"Oh come on Em!" you taunt, "my treat, you can pretend your at the club and..." "Have you even watched that movie GOD! There isn't even any breakfast in it!" he shouts losing his concentration.

"Then why the hell is it called breakfast club?, what did you do just sit around?!" you yell back blocking a ball from the ground just before it hits.

The coach starts to notice that the two of you are getting distracted and is shouting at you to "stop talking!", when the volley ball smacks itself deep into you face so that you fall over and black out.

You awake with a start from your nightmare, It was just a dream...

You look over it is in the middle of the night now and darkness fills your cell. Mel is in a very deep sleep and silence is carried throughout the halls.

You can't sleep now you need the toilet, so you get up.

On the way to the toilet, you notice a faint glimmer of light shining in through the cell windows bars. You walk over to take a look outside. It is Emilio Estevez, he must have been imprisoned here to he is with a small group of celebs which include Mike Myers,James Corden, Ainsley Harriott and a rather shaken Judi Dench. They appear to be trying to make a breakout.

Em gestures for you to step closer to the window, you do so and he nods towards Ainsley who pulls out a few rods of dynamite and sticks them to the wall with some tape, he lights them with a match he pulls out of his cheff apron and the group runs away.

You quickly realize that you should do the same, but another thought fills you brain just is the explosion starts- this is going to make a hell of a lot of noise.

A massive explosion blows a huge hole in the wallwhere you sleep toppling your bunkbed and sending Mel flying and screaming.

You uncover yor self from your hiding spot behind a desk and walk out to inpect the damage. the hole is big enough to climb through. you hear the guards yelling from the corridor. Its now or never!

Escape through the hole
Deny the opportunity and make sure Mel's alright.

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